domenica 15 febbraio 2015


When the wheels of the airplane screamed, I was looking into Alice’s eyes. I’m happy to be here and to start this new adventure with her. Everybody in my family said that if we could make the ten months on a boat, it will be forever. I would say that between me and her it’s already forever. Honestly, at the moment I’m too excited to think of what it will be. I’m just getting sharp to sail and cook as better as I can. The incredible heat welcomed us to Trinidad. Palms three and birds seem to be the owners of this place. When we first spotted a white and “blonde” guy in the middle of an African American crowd coming to us, we understood  we found our guy. From the moment when we jumped in that car, our life was different. I thought I could speak a good French, however I found myself a bit lost. Luckily Alice always gets where I can’t and  like a teacher at school she was always ready to help me to find the good way to communicate.
Captain Jack, a man on his sixties, tall, white hair and tanned enough to say that his spending a bit of time on the sun. He’s an outstanding example of a very magnetic person. Cleaver enough to succeed on his life, he was a vascular surgeon. He likes to say that he was the champion on his branch of study, and we can easily believe it. It’s always like this: when  you meet someone, the first impression lasts minimum three days and after that you start to have the real feeling of who really are the people around you.
It’s the first time we jump on big Cat like this, and still after a few days it’s very special to walk on it. At the beginning we were on board also with Gerome, a French guy working as well as mechanic and a lot of other things, he has Italianorigins and he could also speak some Italian. Actually I thought he was a lot more Italian than French, good on the big things to do and so messy on other little thousands. We had to wait a couple of days to finally meet the person that also if she was not on board yet, she was already terrifying us.
Mme Nicole, a woman on her more beautiful age that apparently doesn’t like the skin of the tomato and likes a lot French classy style table settings. These were the only reports before we met this super gentle lady, with a smile like no other and a beautiful relationship with the washing machine and the anchor of her boat.
If Captain Jack was already an interesting person, Mme Nicole makes their couple even more special. This two big guys, when they realized that was time to retirement, I can guess they squeeze d their pocket of dreams and things to do, and made up some very good plans. First of all they walked from Antwerp to Cannes, then sailed the Mediterranean sea, and finally got a bigger boat and decided to sail around the world.
After the trans-atlantic, Miami boat show and the northern part of the Caribbean sea, they left the boat in Trinidad for a few months of more organization before to head north and think to cross the Panama canal. As the Captain like to say: the canal is a place like no other, it’s a way point in your mind, and once you’ve done it, you have to keep going thought the Pacific Ocean. I like to think that for us the Canal is going to be the end of a first big step, where we will know our self better than before and so we will know if our commitment will be so strong to keep going and make sweet love with the gigantic Pacific Oc.
For the moment I don’t really think much about it, also because we don’t even know when we are going to leave this place yet. Between work on the boat and immigration paper, our days are fully stuffed of things to do that makes easier also to test and learn all the different personality on board.
  • The impact with the kitchen  -
I will never forget how happy I was when before to arrive at the boat the first time the Captain pull over and stopped at the nearest Subway. For a chef it’s always a good indicator to see that his client can stand and smile at the table also when he has a tuna and olives sub or a meatballs foot long. That was our first dinner on the boat. I will never forget as well the next day, when we went to a small grocery store in front of the immigration where it took us nearly an hour to pay because this is the carribe, and life is better when is slow. First lunch: cesar salad. First dinner: pumpkin soup with yogurt and almonds. What I understood from the first two meals: smaller portion and good vibrations on the table. I guess I will be definitely happy to cook on a nearly fully equipped kitchen. I like to say “nearly”, because a good kitchen is like a good woman,  she need someone that take care of her and add some little things that will makes her sexy. So let’s start to make some sexy food.