giovedì 24 marzo 2016

Fifty Shade of Fidji

When the wind starts blowing early in the morning, it's always chilly if you're the one pulling the anchor outside. Anyway the feeling of freedom when the boat is moving and the sun is taking his place in the sky is priceless.
The forecasts predicted smooth and easy wind for three days before to see land again. Believe it or not, eventually, after a few rough passages, we had one of the quietest crossing ever. The sea was smooth, the wind just strong enough to keep LJ pursuing softly his way and everybody was happy on board. I also had three marlin on the line, but none of them on board. I never saw such a fast and strong fish in my life!
Anyway a few Tunas and a Wahoo gave us food and fun for some days. We made the entering clearance in Suva, the vibrant capital city of Fiji. Local authorities, a bunch of young students I would say by their age, came on board to make all the immigration paperwork and check the boat.
They immediately introduced us in the world of “BULA!”. As soon as we could, we headed to the second biggest city of Fiji, Nadi. After months in the Pacific islands, landing at Port Denarau Marina was like coming from the Salar de Uyuni straight to Manhattan, with no stopovers. A proper, well equipped and modern marina, full of shining restaurants, pubs, expensive boutiques, shops and 1 dollar buses to town.
Alice finally enjoys a decent internet connection, but at the same time starts missing the isolated Pacific islands because over there, at least, there was nothing to buy and therefore she couldn't feel a real need of buying something. In the shopping-magnet Port Denarau you can really perceive how our system creates needs that in reality we don't need at all!
I think I lost myself in my words, so I can't even imagine you! Anyway, the thing is that if you live with basic needs and you can satisfy them, you'll be easily happy and satisfied. The more needs you think you have, the more difficult is to reach satisfaction and happiness.
Island by island beach after beach after beach, Fiji are absolutely stunning. The people and the sea are still surprising us.
The eyes of the people are just shining stars in the forest. IT can happen that in only one day you swing from swimming with mantas, to be invited for a cooking lesson (how to make biscuit without a kitchen), be pleased to have the Sevusevu with the king of the village, and why not a rugby match while the sun is setting himself on the horizon. I almost forgot that before the mach some of the guys I was playing with they come back from a hunting session with a few wild goats and the y ask me to carry one holding it from the horns. Let's to it.
Navigation can be complicate so if you are planning to be around with your own boat, just read charts properly and make sure to be here during the Regatta where all kind of boats are prepare to show their costume and drinking skills.
Here everyone can find a place, from the superyacth to the kayak, the are hundereds of magic corner where to drop the ancore and explore.
The ocean is also showing some of the best wave in the world. The southern of the Mamanuca island, are home of probably some of the finest quality lefthanded in the Pacific. Off Tavarua island you can find the world series Cloudbreak wich will makes you proud even when it's only 3ft hight, but don't forget to check around Namotu Is...perfection is just an everyday habits on this part of the world. Unfortunately if you don't have your own boat it can be expensive to reach those places however check out for some deal from Malolo Island. Most of the packages are from beachcomber witch is the drunk backpackers island.
30 knots of wind, water tanks nearly empty and we take the only good weather window. After more than a month and dozen of amazing experiences we are “Off to New Zealand”.